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Play Therapy

"Trunks O' Color"
Jumping Clay, Shaping

Have Fun. Play

Play is a fun and safe process where the inner world of a person reaches out to interact with the external world of reality. During play therapy, the therapist allows the child to engage in self-directed play through imaginative and creative expressions of thoughts and emotions using stories, constructed and reconstructed repeatedly till the innate need for reconciliation of inner conflicts are resolved in the process of play.

The use of symbolic representations such as super heroes, dolls, movie characters, play house, etc are often transitional objects where the child makes sense of the past and present situation. During this process, the child freely explores the roles and emotions of characters in her life, played out during the play.


A classic example would be that of the super-hero seeking out the bad guys and putting them away in the Gotham City prison or trains crashing into little mermaid. Play therapy allows the child to make sense of life situation, experiences or memories. It is extremely useful for the child to negotiate a sense of control with unspoken emotions such

as anger, fear, frustrations, worries or anxieties in a safe space.


Sand Therapy

Sand therapy is in many ways, similar to play therapy. It is playful in nature and uses symbolic representations as transitional objects for expression of thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences. Sand therapy, however offers the concept of blank screen, where the sand box is like an empty canvas for the client to create any story on it.


The texture of soft, cool and dry sand provides an unspoken, undirected form of soothing and calming effect to the client, be it the child or the adult. When water is added to sand, another form of sensorial experience can be achieved. In

particular, the wet and cold sense of touch as well as the sense of control to mould the sand together. Sand therapy has been very popular with both children and adults.


Be sure to give this form of therapy a chance.

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